Apr 01, 21 - Jul 28, 21

4 Easy Steps

Important Reminders

  • 1. Invitees do not need to purchase anything to count towards your total.
  • 2. Invitees cannot have previously registered an ESR account.
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  • 3. Invitees must enter your invite code when registering an account to count as one of your invited users (your invite link will fill in the code for them).
  • 4. To qualify for a reward, you must invite at least 3 people before the activity ends.
  • 5. No additional rewards will be given for inviting more than 5 users.
  • 6. Your referral discount is transferable and one-time-use.
  • 7. Only one referral discount is usable per order, but they may be combined with other discounts and promotions.
  • 8. ESR reserves the right to invalidate any invites obtained through cheating, system loopholes, or other methods not in the spirit of the activity.
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